Moretta Covalo is a unique, bold liqueur (24%) based on an ancient Italian recipe with the dark notes of rum, the kernel of brandy, a hint of fresh anise and a huge dose of Dutch craftsmanship. Sweet but with a bite. Great to enjoy straight up, with ice or in a mix. And don’t forget to try our perfect serve: Moretta Fizz. So good!

Italy's best kept secret with a Dutch twist


Moretta Covalo: a Dutch product with Italian roots. Just like it’s founder Ramon Covalo. When Ramon discovered ‘la Moretta’ in a small town in Italy, he immediately knew: this fantastic liquore needs to be shared with the world. Easier said than done… Fortunately, master distillery Herman Jansen was just as enthusiastic. The result: Moretta Covalo. A one-of-a kind liquor made with love and Dutch craftmanship.


Ready to try something totally new, fresh and one of a kind? Moretta Fizz it is! The combination of the bold Amsterdam liqueur Moretta Covalo – based on an ancient Italian recipe – with fresh lime juice and soda water is something you want to try. In the afternoon, before or after diner, there are no rules. Can’t wait? Ask for a Moretta Fizz in your favorite bar or restaurant or try it at home. 

Get a wine glass, fill with 50 ml MORETTA COVALO, add 20 ml of fresh lime juice, fill with ice cubes, stir and top of with 100 ml soda water and garnish with a lime swirl. Enjoy!



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