Moretta Covalo: a unique liqueur (24%) based on an age-old recipe with the dark notes of rum, the kernel of brandy, a hint of fresh anise and a good dose of Dutch craftsmanship. Until recently Moretta was only produced and consumed in the Italian port town of Fano, Le Marche where the recipe was invented by the local fishermen. Ramon Covalo made his own version of this liqueur together with master distiller Herman Jansen in Schiedam, who has been making drinks since 1777. The result? A special and unique Dutch product with Italian roots. Traditionally Moretta Covalo is enjoyed in combination with espresso and a lemon zest, but there are no rules. Moretta Covalo is also deliciously pure, on the rocks, in a cocktail or get inspired by the recipes on Instagram or this website. In short, drink Moretta Covalo the way you like it best and enjoy the experience. Cin cin!

Italy's best kept secret with a Dutch twist


Moretta Covalo: a Dutch product with Italian roots. Just like it’s founder Ramon Covalo, born and raised in Amsterdam by his Italian father and Dutch mother. Ramon is constantly on the lookout for secrets of Italian cuisine and has a passion for making liqueurs. When Ramon discovered ‘la Moretta’, he was immediately sold. “This unique ‘liquore’ has to be shared.” Easier said than done… Fortunately, master distillery Herman Jansen was just as enthusiastic. And now it’s finally here: Moretta Covalo. Ramon’s version of the authentic Italian recipe. Made with passion, love and Dutch craftsmanship. In other words: Italy’s best kept secret with a Dutch twist..



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